Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Program

Friday morning, lil man had a Christmas program at his school. There was a "grandma" reading the Christmas story from the Bible. Originally, the other 19 kids were supposed to just sit and listen. Uh huh. They're 2nd graders. In the end, parts were assigned and lines were given. However, and this is a stroke of genius which I totally failed to capture on film, no costumes were required. Signs were made with the characters drawn on them. The Holy Family was there, the wise men were there, the shepherds were there (lil man was shepherd #1) and of course, there was a plethora of lambs and sheep and cows. When it was time for a particular character's line - the sign popped up, the line was spoken, the sign popped down. It was very cute.

The best line of the entire production, in my opinion, was NOT lil man's but was Joseph's. Mary explained to Joseph that God had come to her in a dream and said that she was to bear a child who would be the Savior. Joseph said that that was all well and good and maybe when they'd been together a couple of years and had a little money set by, she could do that. She said that she was already 'with child'. Joseph said, "YOU'RE WHAT?"


Crown Princess said...

He was sooooooo cute. Thanks for being his offical life chronicaller(sp).

Pamela said...

ha! He probably said that!!

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