Friday, December 21, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

We just finished opening our Christmas presents! Lil man has a "Christmas Theatre" presentation at school this morning and will then be dismissed at noon. His mom and I are then driving half way to his dad's house and meeting his dad for the 'Christmas vacation swap'.

So, since lil man will not be here till next year! we opened our gifts this morning. It is the only time that Grampits, Mom, Lil Man, and I could all be awake at the same time!

My poor hubby was sick all last night and insisted on going to work this morning, so he was not much in the gift-opening mode. Lil Man took him his presents while he was still in bed and Julie and I, such empathetic souls we are, started giggling and comparing him to the grandparents in the Willie Wonka Thank goodness he laughed, too.

It was a great morning, all in all, and I will post pics later but today I am at sixes and sevenses and just wanted to let y'all know where I disappeared to.


lisa's chaos said...

Oh I always hated that holiday swap. :( Hope you guys had soem good holiday time this morning. :)

Robocop said...

People have a way to make these holidays work out, even if they have to modify timing. I hope the rest of your holiday goes well.

nekked lizard man said...

Someone must be very sick not to want to be a part of the gift opening ceremonies. Well, its not about the gifts though is it? Looking forward to the pics.

Karmyn R said...

My kids wish they were at your house! Opening early - a dream come true.

Actually, we are leaving tomorrow to go to my dad's house for the weekend, so the kids will get to open a few gifts.

Now the real busyness begins.

Megnificent said...

Can't wait to see your pictures! How did the program go? Sorry that you have to share him with his dad during Christmas...I know it won't be the same without him there!

Beckie said...

Early gift opening - my kids would be up for that.

I hope everyone gets well for Christmas at your house and nobody else catches it!

Merry Christmas!

laurie said...

sandy! i got my prize in the mail today! perfect for this time of year; we will watch it on christmas eve. thank you so much, and have a very merry christmas.

Shorty said...

sorry about being sic , however i really didn't feel more alive than dead eather :) it was great being able to have lil man,on any terms. love u'll.

Pamela said...

So! What did you open???

laurie said...

it's a nativity DVD. my mother-in-law is getting out of the hospital today (she's been there three weeks, with pneumonia and heart trouble) and we're moving her to a nursing home until she is strong enough to go home.

so we bought her a portable DVD player for christmas, and we're going to bring over Sandy's DVD and all watch it together on christmas eve.

it's perfect.

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