Monday, October 22, 2012

Meeting and Farewell

 Doug and HotRod (the two men in Rhonda's life)

Raise 'em up like you want them to go.

Our friend, Doug Bolton, died today. He will be greatly missed by many people. I was thinking about the Boltons today and remembered the first day I met them. I was with Julie and we were at the Rafter B, which the Boltons own, and which is where Julie boards her horse(s). It was one then, it is three now. Doug was there and Julie introduced us. We were making small talk when Rhonda drove in along with a friend of hers. They had been to town and on the way back, had passed a pickup truck and horse trailer on the side of the road. They stopped to see if help was needed. It was a broke-down (actually out of gas) rodeo cowboy. Rhonda told him to stay there, came home, explained the situation to Doug and asked if she could go get the cowboy, bring him home and put him to work in exchange for a tank of gas. Doug looked at Rhonda, told her that he trusted her judgement and to "go where the Lord leads you. Take the gun". I knew then that everyone I loved would always be safe if Doug was around. Rest in peace, friend, and God? You got yourself a good one.

 Good Bye and Godspeed, Doug.

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