Friday, February 17, 2012

Tuna Tartare - Not Me!

I was watching "The Chew" the other day and Clinton Kelly made me laugh out loud. I live pretty much in the middle of this country, equidistant from any coast. I have always maintained that if you cannot smell the ocean (or the gulf), you should not order seafood. Since I dislike seafood, this rule has always worked for me.

Clinton was making appetizers. First he made a chicken liver thing which is just gross. Then he made a tuna tartare appetizer. As he was describing it, he mentioned that a lot of people worry about the tuna being raw. He said that "as long as you trust your fishmonger, this should not be an issue". I laughed. I have not lived anywhere that even possessed a "fishmonger" since I left the county in which I was raised.

For some reason this reminded me of once when my child was asked why she didn't know how to cook. Without even blinking, this child of mine, who, it should be noted, was raised from the time she was 9 until she was of age by her paternal grandparents, said, "we had staff".

I'm pretty sure the "staff" got their tuna from the "fishmonger".

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yet another thing I take for granted

Last night, I taught my fifth graders' religion class. I was, once again, reminded of all that I take for granted.

I start out every class with an opening prayer and then I read to the class from my copy of "Saint of the Day" which I have owned for at least 15 years. My copy of the book is so old that I could not find a picture online. The picture above is of the current edition. This not only gives everyone time to settle down and time for the stragglers to straggle in but the kids actually look forward to it. Last week I was sick, so last night, I read both saints.

During class, I made mention of the fact that whenever I am struggling with some spiritual problem, I open my saints' book and there is inevitably some kernel of knowledge or wisdom or guidance that pertains to whatever difficulty I am facing.

The reaction that stunned me, and humbled me, was the child who asked, in a tone of wonder, "That's YOUR book? You own that book?"

I do indeed and, come the end of the year, so will he.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Ultimate Irony

Throughout my life, by design and by happenstance, I have linked important events in my life to important dates in history and/or holidays.

My first husband and I were married 4 days before Thanksgiving.
His birthday was on Labor Day (back when it didn't move).
Our daughter was born 1 day after Thanksgiving (different year).
He died on Easter Sunday.

My next husband and I were engaged on Christmas Eve.
I married my next husband on Valentine's Day.
I threw him out in the dark of the moon, on the 6th of June (all of you C.W.McCall fans will understand).
Our daughter was born 3 days before Hallowe'en.

I married my next husband on New Year's Eve.
I found him with his mistress on the next New Year's Eve.

At this point, my mother rather vehemently requested that I not mess up any more holidays and she pointed out that the world did not really revolve around me.

I have tried ever since to abide by her wishes in this regard.

Last Saturday, on my birthday, my mother died.

Rest in Peace, Ma, and know that you were loved.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Sentence Saturday #3

"When you forgive, you in no way change the past - but you sure do change the future."

Bernard Meltzer

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