Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yet another thing I take for granted

Last night, I taught my fifth graders' religion class. I was, once again, reminded of all that I take for granted.

I start out every class with an opening prayer and then I read to the class from my copy of "Saint of the Day" which I have owned for at least 15 years. My copy of the book is so old that I could not find a picture online. The picture above is of the current edition. This not only gives everyone time to settle down and time for the stragglers to straggle in but the kids actually look forward to it. Last week I was sick, so last night, I read both saints.

During class, I made mention of the fact that whenever I am struggling with some spiritual problem, I open my saints' book and there is inevitably some kernel of knowledge or wisdom or guidance that pertains to whatever difficulty I am facing.

The reaction that stunned me, and humbled me, was the child who asked, in a tone of wonder, "That's YOUR book? You own that book?"

I do indeed and, come the end of the year, so will he.

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