Friday, July 29, 2011


I was raised in northern California as a bleeding heart liberal. I'm not sure how Shorty was raised but by the time we got married, we were both conservative right-wing war mongers. Yes, both descriptive phrases are tongue-in-cheek. The fact remains that while we live in a fairly conservative part of Texas, there are parts of Texas that harbor - wait for it - liberals! Our personal descriptive phrase for such persons is "Birkenstock-wearing, tree-hugging, gorilla-kissing, peach-eating, Commie rat buggers".
However, 4 years ago, fondly remembering the peach tree in my parents' side yard, I bought a spindly little peach tree for around $17 at the Mart de Wal.

It has flowered in the past but the wind has always stripped it of it's buds long before fruition.

Until this year.

This year, in the midst of the drought, and with copious watering, we have peaches. They are not the white-flesh peaches of my childhood but they ARE peaches!

Imagine my surprise the other morning when I got home from work. Several of the branches were broken off. I walked into the yard, wearing my Crocs (not Birkenstocks, mind you), walked past the black dog lying in a crescent around the oak tree and observed the white dog hunkered down over something. I got closer and Holly looked up, peach juice dripping from her chin, with the "who, me?" look. Now, I am not a communist and as far as I know we have no gorillas in the area but it's getting close, folks. It's getting close. Between the 3 of us, we are the "Croc-wearing, tree-hugging, peach-eating Conservatives".

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011, Day 5, Part Two

In the afternoon, we went to see the Lady Lex. She is not only part of our family naval history, she is part of our country's naval history. She belongs to Texas. She lives in Corpus Christi. As most of you know, as long as a ship is on the water, she is alive.
The Lady Lex, aka The Grey Ghost, aka CV-16

This is as close as Juls and I come to being beach bunnies. We love being near the ocean but we do not like the sand - it's dirty - and we do not go in the ocean 'cause fishies swim in their own pee. It is what it is.

Go Navy!

The walkway up to the ship. Thank goodness they also have a lovely little jitney to run us old, crippled, fat people up the ramp!

One of the planes onboard

Juls has always been attracted to MPs.

Just hope I'm not the person in her sights

Shooting blind!

The Rising Sun flag is explained in the next shot. Just click to enlarge.

If you are reading this in a book, the flag above is where a kamikaze pilot hit the Lex on November 5, 1944. 50 were killed and 132 were injured. May they rest in peace.

One last picture. The building in the foreground is the Texas State Aquarium. See you there tomorrow.

Summer Vacation 2011, Day 5 Part One

Leaving San Antonio and the family behind, Juls and I headed for Corpus Christi. Neither one of us had been there before but I needed water, lots and lots of water. I was not disappointed!
As we were leaving San Antonio, we passed Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, just 2 doors down from our motel. Maybe next time!

Ahem! Miss? Tickets for texting go with the driver!

Water? Is that really water? Big water? Hallelujah!

As we drove to our lodging for the next two days, this reminded us that the Navy Lodge was, in fact, on an actual working naval facility.

NAS Corpus Christi

How many Vera Bradley patterns can you identify?

The view from our room, through the screen. This has got to be one of the very best places to stay in all of Corpus! Thanks, Shorty, for making this possible for us.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is a hard one to write. I have my blogs bound into a book as a gift for myself at Christmas. It is sort of a combination scrapbook, photo album, and journal. To only chronicle the good would be extremely dishonest - sins of omission, you know.

Shorty and I are separating. There is no screaming, no drama, no recriminations. There is also no marriage any more.

I will be leaving the house, probably the first of September-ish. It is the most equitable thing to do, money wise. It's scary and sad and exciting all at the same time. I am not leaving town or changing jobs or anything like that. I am just moving out.

There are no sides to take so I hope that all of our friends remain OUR friends. That's it, I guess. I love him. He loves me. Sometimes it's not enough.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011, Day 4

This should be called the Nicholai edition. Keep scrolling and you'll see why!

Julie, facebooking at breakfast

We went to Isaac and Gi's for a new Nicholai fix

Nicholai and his Great-Grandma. Boy, that makes me sound old!

Nicholai, ready to face to day, all color coordinated.

His only laugh, for his Grandma!

He does love his Grandma!

House hunting

His grandma bought him a bouncy so his mom and dad could actually put him down - a first for him!

He seems to approve!

Isaac and Nicholai


Melissann and Anjelia

A very long day!

We had pizza for dinner so the littlest man did not have to go out again. Then Juls and I went back to our motel and, on the way, saw the horse-drawn carriages in the downtown area, all lit up. The pictures did not come out but next time we will ride one and I will take better photos!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011, Day Three, Part Two

On our way out of the motel, the dining area

Nicholai with Isaac's mom, the other grandma

Nicholai with Juls

Getting ready to go out to dinner

Nicholai and his mama

The underpass lights on the way back to the motel!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011, Day Three, Part One

Juls and I woke up the next morning and decided, while it was still relatively cool, to take a cruise on the Riverwalk. These pictures have no great significance. They just make me happy.
I think it's the symmetry of this picture that Ilike.

One of the 37 pictures I have of Julie facebooking at different locations.

There IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

Who doesn't love a waterfall?

Traffic jam on the river!

On the way back to our motel - Juls and I on public transporation!! There was a trolley stop just outside our motel and an all day pass was $4.00 Sure beat trying to find parking downtown.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011, Day Two, Part Two

After we got through at the Museum of the Pacific, we hit the road to San Antonio, to Julie's first grandchild. I should have cropped this picture, but I didn't. There are LOTS of flags flying in Texas and I loved this one. I think it's also attached to the 987 acres Juls wants to buy when she wins the lottery!

Flags a'flying!

This is our room at the Best Western Sunset Suites Riverwalk, San Antonio. I cannot recommend this motel highly enough. Perfect location, perfect (for us) amenities, no pool, less kids. All good. We checked in and then, via OnStar, made our way to:

baby Nicholai!

This picture is to document the shaken baby syndrome for later - just kidding! Spent some time with the kids and then we all (Missy included) went to dinner at an Asian buffet restaurant. Took the kids home and Juls and I made our way back to downtown, once again thanks to OnStar!
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