Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is a hard one to write. I have my blogs bound into a book as a gift for myself at Christmas. It is sort of a combination scrapbook, photo album, and journal. To only chronicle the good would be extremely dishonest - sins of omission, you know.

Shorty and I are separating. There is no screaming, no drama, no recriminations. There is also no marriage any more.

I will be leaving the house, probably the first of September-ish. It is the most equitable thing to do, money wise. It's scary and sad and exciting all at the same time. I am not leaving town or changing jobs or anything like that. I am just moving out.

There are no sides to take so I hope that all of our friends remain OUR friends. That's it, I guess. I love him. He loves me. Sometimes it's not enough.


Sayre said...

I am sorry to hear this, but sometimes separating is for the best. Once you stop being the best person you can be with someone it's time to move on.

I suspected this was coming. There have been a few clues. But don't stop binding your blog - this may, in fact, be the beginning of an amazing adventure in rediscovering yourself.

Pamela said...

so this was what some of that other stuff was about. sigh. Sorry I didn't come by earlier. I admit I haven't been visiting blogs. I go in spurts. This was your turn.

Hugs. Wish I could come visit you.
We could do a little caterwallin ---
Word verification confirms: elyalfor

Anonymous said...

I love you guys, and as you said, sometimes it's best, to
do what is best. I am glad its a friendly thing. That is a blessing in and of itself. Love, Breezy

Anonymous said...

Sandy, our prayers are with you both at this time and always. God will take care of both of you and your family. We have extra bedroom if you need a place to stay. love Francie and Randy

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