Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011, Day 5, Part Two

In the afternoon, we went to see the Lady Lex. She is not only part of our family naval history, she is part of our country's naval history. She belongs to Texas. She lives in Corpus Christi. As most of you know, as long as a ship is on the water, she is alive.
The Lady Lex, aka The Grey Ghost, aka CV-16

This is as close as Juls and I come to being beach bunnies. We love being near the ocean but we do not like the sand - it's dirty - and we do not go in the ocean 'cause fishies swim in their own pee. It is what it is.

Go Navy!

The walkway up to the ship. Thank goodness they also have a lovely little jitney to run us old, crippled, fat people up the ramp!

One of the planes onboard

Juls has always been attracted to MPs.

Just hope I'm not the person in her sights

Shooting blind!

The Rising Sun flag is explained in the next shot. Just click to enlarge.

If you are reading this in a book, the flag above is where a kamikaze pilot hit the Lex on November 5, 1944. 50 were killed and 132 were injured. May they rest in peace.

One last picture. The building in the foreground is the Texas State Aquarium. See you there tomorrow.

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Pamela said...

what a fun trip

wv: bomphaf
(I think it is referring to the airforce and not the navy)

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