Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011, Day 4

This should be called the Nicholai edition. Keep scrolling and you'll see why!

Julie, facebooking at breakfast

We went to Isaac and Gi's for a new Nicholai fix

Nicholai and his Great-Grandma. Boy, that makes me sound old!

Nicholai, ready to face to day, all color coordinated.

His only laugh, for his Grandma!

He does love his Grandma!

House hunting

His grandma bought him a bouncy so his mom and dad could actually put him down - a first for him!

He seems to approve!

Isaac and Nicholai


Melissann and Anjelia

A very long day!

We had pizza for dinner so the littlest man did not have to go out again. Then Juls and I went back to our motel and, on the way, saw the horse-drawn carriages in the downtown area, all lit up. The pictures did not come out but next time we will ride one and I will take better photos!


Crown Princess said...

he is sooo cute and facebooking is not a crime!!!

Pamela said...

I had no idea you were so great! (:

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