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Monday, December 5, 2011

First Monday - Traditions

For Sayre, who wants to hear about our holiday traditions.

It is funny but the holiday traditions that I hold closest are not the ones that my mom carried on for us but the ones that I have made for my children. My two very favorite Christmas traditions have continued every year, without fail, since my girls were little. Some years I did them without my girls and some years I inflicted them on strangers, but they have survived.

The first is the one that Moose and I already did this year - the Salvation Army angel tree. Giving, especially those years when you think you don't have enough, is good for the soul...and for the children in your life.

The second is my traditional Christmas dessert which is birthday cake for Baby Jesus. Even during the years when I was lost, when I wasn't really sure that I loved Jesus' Dad or that He really cared about me, I, and whoever was around me, had birthday cake for Christmas dessert. Some years it was homemade and some years it was mail-ordered and some years it was purchased from a bakery but it always was birthday cake. When my girls were little, there was some confusion about this. My sister's birthday is Christmas day and one year, Juls was convinced that my sister must be God because she had God's birthday!

I love the sights and sounds and smells of Christmas. I love the good will and cheer that is almost a palpable thing. I love that, 2000 and some odd years later, we are still celebrating the Baby's birthday.
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