Thursday, December 6, 2007

12 Questions of Christmas

For the holiday season, Hootin' Anni started a meme. "The Twelve Questions of Christmas" If you'd like to participate, she'd be honored to have you join in the fun. If you'd like, you are welcomed to use the meme header graphic!

1. Christmas is MAGIC. [fill in the blank with ONE WORD]

2. In memories, what was the best part of your Christmases past? Midnight Mass when it was still at midnight, singing in the choir, and getting to stay up SO late.

3. Was Santa ever good to you? I hate to do this to my Mom and to Santa, but I honestly cannot remember a spectacularly great Christmas when I was a kid.

4. Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or both? When I was little, it was one on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas day. Nowadays, a lot of it depends on who is at which parent's for which holiday.

5. Is there something you make each and every year? Fudge, always.

6. What is your favorite five[5] Christmas songs/hymns? God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlmen; Silent Night; Angels We Have Heard on High; Adeste Fidelis (in Latin); The First Noel

7. Is there a new tradition for Christmas since your childhood days? Baby Jesus' Birthday Cake

8. Describe one of your Christmas trips. My husband and I used to drive truck cross country. We were on the road for a whole lot of Christmasses and spent a lot of them with friends we had made on the road (special waitresses, customers, etc.) One that particularly stands out was when we got snowed in at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. We were there so long the truckstop ran out of food! The snow was so deep that our boxer, Holly, took one look outside (the snow was over the running board of the semi), turned around and stayed inside for 3 days!

9. Do you have a special Christmas outfit to wear for the day? Jams

10. Have YOU or any of your family members sat on Santa's lap? Lil man did just last week

11. What is/or will be on your Christmas tree this year? A conglomeration of storebought, handmade, old, new, pretty, crafty, clunky.

12. Do you/or have you decorated your yard for Christmas? I tried. The dogs ate the wreath.


Beckie said...

Three days and he/she didn't make a mess anywhere? Wow!

The dogs ate the wreath - too funny.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I think I told you I threatened the priest last year when they even considered not singing Adeste Fidelis. Thought I was gonna have to do something really drastic to that Dominican.

Karmyn R said...

The dogs ate your wreath? Bummer - next time hang it higher!

Dreaming What Ifs...

laurie said...

ah, we had luminaria last year. very pretty. but doug was so afraid of the little paper bags catching on fire that we had to keep running ot the window to make sure that all was well. (it was.)

i love the lights and candles and glow of christmas.

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