Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why I live in this parallel universe.

Before I discovered blogging, I used to read 19 newspapers a day. I read them online. Newspapers from the area where I live, where I used to live, where friends live, where I want to live, etc.

I have been neglecting my news reading since I started getting more involved in the ever-growing circle of blogs that I now read daily.

Today, I wanted to read about the California fires. We have friends and family living in the area. I went to the website for the San Francisco Chronicle. It is the newspaper that, when I was growing up north of San Francisco, we used to get on Sunday mornings on our way home from Mass.

While my political views are no longer exactly mirrored by this publication, it is still a newspaper that I trust.

There was, indeed, a lot of very good coverage on the fire(s).

Then, partway down the front page, were the AP headlines.

AP Headlines
Art Masterpiece Found in Trash
Parents Drown in Water Rescue
6 Elephants Electrocuted in India
Dad Accused of Meth Sippy Cup

I think that instead of reading these stories, I will just pray for all involved and go back to my nice, friendly circle of blogs.


laurie said...

all i can say is, we are desperate for readers. and we often go about it in the completely wrong way.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I try to avoid the news at all costs. It only depresses me, makes me no longer believe in the goodness of humanity, and makes me question what this world will look like when my son's generation is in charge of it.

My big problem with the SFC is that they refused any coverage during that homosexual protesting a couple of weeks ago where gays overran a Catholic church during mass & demanded communion. Protesting the church's stance is one thing--down right desecration is another. And, the SFC? Did not cover it AT ALL even tho it happened in SF. Sorry. That's my gripe.

Oh, and you are funny. Yes. I lost my fantasy game. And, you rub it in by reminding me the Cowboys won & Texans lost? Meanie. Sticks out tongue.

bermudabluez said...

I often read the "local" newspapers of big news that's happening around the world. I also stopped watching the local news and/or the national news each and every day. It is SO depressing. I totally agree with you.

Robocop said...

Sometimes, I know what you mean about avoiding the news, and to keep blogging. On the other hand, the news gives me ideas on what to post on my blog.

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