Friday, October 19, 2007

What to do, what to do - Part 3 and update

In part one of this ongoing saga, I threw myself upon your mercy for help with the problem of Mae, a nice young thing that is in the family way.

In part two, thanks in great part to your suggestions, help, and prayers a solution was arrived at.

In part three, I will tell y'all how it's going.

So far, in the dog trap that the Animal Control Officer lent to the Sheriff's Office and that the Deputy left at my house, we have captured the following:


Notice who's not there?

Yep, that would be Mae. She will lie next to it.
She will play with the dog who is in it.
She will try and help me release the bunny.

She still will not be caught.
She will sidle up next to you as long as you are not looking at her.
She will touch your hand with her nose as long as you are not looking at her (and your finger does NOT flex).
She dances, she whimpers, she whines, she talks, she follows you around.
She still will not be touched.

I will keep trying.
On a side note, Maggie evidently thinks this is some kind of agility training. I reset the trap, she gets in, springs it, and then gives me her belly like a good dog!
Juls just went to my house to forward the laundry and, praise God, Mae is in the crate. The vet will board her till Wednesday and then do all of the necessary procedures.
Hurray!!! and thank God that I get paid on Monday!


Pamela said...

Mae is a smart dog it appears!!
Is it possible she just ran away from wherever she was? Or are you sure someone dropped her off.

People who do that will face their Maker and HE will be very angry.

Sandy said...

She and Maggie are what's left of a litter of 5 puppies that someone dropped off last year. The other three were run over by grain trucks.

I agree with you completely about God and his intentions towards these idiots. I know that we cannot know God's mind, but I'm pretty sure we are right on this one.

bermudabluez said...

Mae is smart!! Oh, and thanks for your comments on my blog....I'd love to learn about your experiences about Curves...please feel free to email me

ChrisB said...

Mae really sounds desperate for affection you might get there in the end.

Junebug said...

Great ending for you. I'm glad the trap worked. My brother also trapped skunks for people who had trouble with them getting under their businesses.

Karmyn R said...

Yeah! I'm so glad Mae finally went into the trap.

I have to laugh at Buddy - too funny.

My next door neighbor had traps to catch the raccoons in the neighborhood. He only had to catch a cat once - and they NEVER went into it again - no matter how tempting the salmon meat inside.

laurie said...

success! i am thrilled.

poor mae, she must be pretty frightened. but it's all for the best. too bad about the puppies, but i understand. good, good job, sandy!!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Yay!! I'm so thrilled. Do you take adopted puppy donations? Cause I'm willing to give a little to defray vet bills. You shouldn't have to pay for all this yourself!

Oh, and you are so the modern St. Francis.

laurie said...

that's an excellent idea, anglophile: i'd donate, too. duh. should have thought of that sooner!

Sandy said...

Thanks to all of you so much. Your support made it so much easier to deal with all the crap. Now, AFF and Laurie, I appreciate the thought so much but my vet gives me a GREAT rate on stuff like this. But, if you want to do something, I know the shelters are always in need of money and food and stuff but my thing to do is take receiving blankets. You can pick them up for about a buck a piece at wally world or just buy a flannel remnant. My dogs love them. It just feels like leaving a hug instead of just sustenance.

Thanks again everyone and I'll be sure to let you know how Mae's surgery goes.

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