Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hallowe'en Goodies

ChrisB, the incredible MsCellania, was kind enough to bestow this wonderful gift upon me earlier today.

This wonderful idea originated at Hootin' Anni's. Hootin' Anni takes Hallowe'en (and kindness) to a whole new level.

So, paying this forward, per the original instructions, found here (just scroll down), I am giving this to:

Nikki at Simplicity

The Arkansas Songbird at Quarter Notes

and, last but not least

Julie at Ooh, a Shiny Pen

I do so appreciate a Hallowe'en treat that does NOT end up on my hips! I am about to declare the Hershey Company (did you know Hershey makes Godiva chocolates?) as my personal anti-Christ. No, wait, that's just my lack of won't power. I won't buy that chocolate. I won't eat that chocolate.

Anyway, thanks, ChrisB. I really did need that this morning.


SongBird said...

Oh, thank you so much! I love Halloween and I love treats....especially the kind that don't add to my already generous figure!

bermudabluez said...

Congratulations on your award! Well Deserved!

ChrisB said...

I'm so pleased you enjoyed your treat.

Nikki said...

Oh wow!! Thank you SO MUCH Sandy! Going to post this on my blog and pif too. Thanks for the birthday wishes and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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