Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Employee Etiquette

I know that I am older than dirt.

I know that I am not "with it".

I know that the phrase "with it" is probably not even "with it".

I know that I am irked, annoyed, upset, angry, disgruntled and just basically ticked off.

When I was entering the work force, there were rules. You were taught the rules and you learned the rules. There were rules for what went on your resume, what you wore to an interview, and on how to give notice.

To give notice, you submitted a written resignation, wherein you thanked your employer for the benefits of your experience there, told them you were leaving (regretfully, of course) and gave them a minimum of 2 weeks to find your replacement.

I was never taught that you could call your employer on the phone and say *insert whiny voice*, "I'm just not coming back."

Oh wait, I just figured it out.

I was taught.


Crown Princess said...

Well you passed on the same alues to me because i could, would and will NEVER quit like that. Even for employeers i HATED i goave 2 weeks. I just left out the regretfully....lol

Love ya

Karmyn R said...

I thought the 2 week notice thing was obvious. People who don't are sorry excuses for employees.

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