Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun Monday

Robin, over at Pensieve, is the host(ess) for this week's topic:

Shoes tell a lot about a person and we wanna delve deeply into your soul sole. Photograph your favorite pair--or pairs--of shoes and tell us a little about why they're near and dear to your toes heart (I can't wait to see how Swampy ties this in to Breast Cancer Awareness!). Follow in Jenny's footsteps and make a foot-family us your baby bronzed booties...let us see the shoes YOU HAD TO HAVE (but have never worn)...or all those grotesquely dyed-to-match formerly white satin bridemaid's shoes that were worn ONCE...the reinforced steel-toe boots that saved your big toe from being hacked off in that industrial "accident"...or, just take pictures of your nekkid feet--gnarly bunions, twin toes, or perfectly OPI-pedicured tootsies.

I have no pictures of my baby shoes. I can tell you that I spent the first 8 years of school in the lovely white oxfords that went with the also lovely maroon and grey plaid uniform. Ah yes, nothing quite like the smell of wet wool in the wintertime. I will say, though, that the clamp on roller skates worked really well with these shoes.

Then I progressed to these beautiful navy and white saddle shoes to go with the navy plaid uniform for the next 4 years. I also progressed from the smelly wool sweater to the lovely polyester blazer with crest and padded shoulders. Wow.

I got married right out of high school - who really needed that 4 year scholarship, right? Anyway, shoe of choice back in the day was this beauty. Oh so practical for a young wife and mother pushing a baby stroller, don't you know.

I was widowed and had to go to work. My first job was at a police department as a Community Service Officer. These are the heels that I wore to work then.

There followed a succession of poor choices - in men and in shoes. Here are some of the shoes:

I now wear snow boots in the winter and sneaks the rest of the year. I do have one drop-dead gorgeous pair of red heels that I wear on special occasions. But my favorite pair of shoes now are these:


Sayre said...

We love Tevas, but OMG do they start to smell after a while! Pink pumps with flowers on them? Were you a bridesmaid, or were these normal everyday shoes????

And your favorite pair these days beat all of them hands down!

My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

Red high heels?!?!? Awesome. And I love me some good slippers.

Myanderings said...

Sayre - died to match the Easter dress my mom made - and then I was stuck with them all year!

Nikki - the only thing my husband loves more than red heels is really tall black boots - and my thighs left that fantasy a LONG time ago!

Robin said...

...but I LIKE Birkenstocks!!

Barefoot, first; Birks, second...after that, it really doesn't matter.

I remember wearing Saddle Oxfords...I think I even made my oldest two wear those when they were young...but gave up that fantasy by my third child.

For the life of me, I can't imagine wearing high heels and pushing a stroller (or wearing pearls during the day for that matter).

Thanks for Fun Mondaying!

(oops! I'm signing in with my Blogger ID, but follow the links to my Typepad blog)

Karina said...

Okay, I love the gold heels, that's too funny!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, EVERYONE should own a pair of red shoes!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Your favs look just like my Uggs. And, are seriously the most comfy things ever. I just wish we Texans had more nip in the air to wear them longer...okay...that's a lie. I think Dallas is too cold. Let's rephrase that: I wish you could wear them on days like today when it's 96 and perfect!

My verification was slimy? Hmmm.

Tiggerlane said...

Are the "Just Got Married
shoes Candie's? They look just like the ones I used to lust after during my days in high school....HAWT!

And it is perfectly acceptable to push a stroller in those - TRUST.

ChrisB said...

You talking about your red shoes reminded me of a pair of red shoes I had in my 20's with a bag to match. I loved them and I wore them till they literally fell apart.

willowtree said...

Those shoes all look sort of OK, well maybe the high heels are a bit iffy.

Kaytabug said...

I think I need a pair of red shoes..just not heels...I love them...they dont love I dont need the lift at 5'11

Crown Princess said...

soy uo got saddle shoes and never let fair, i love saddle shoes :-) Love ya

Pamela said...

What do you wear with the drop dead gorgeous pair of red heels???... just curious.

Myanderings said...

Robin - I see Birks on women and they look great - just not on me!

Karina - thanks

AFF - just come to the panhandle during winter. The ice and snow make those slippers perfect - and I am contemplating Uggs for outside this year!

Tiggerlane - believe it or not, those are Dr. Scholl's! I did have the Candies also, though.

Chris B - I think we all have a pair of shoes or two like that in our lives. Just plain old great shoes.

Willowtree: I was a little iffy back in the

Kaytabug: I have my eye on some great wide width red flats at the Avenue. I think they're on their web site also.

Juls: Guess what you're getting for Christmas!

Pamela: I asked my husband if he wanted to answer this and he just grinned. No comment.

Karmyn R said...

Great collection. I can't wear Birkenstocks - My feet seem to be in between their sizing, so they hurt my feet or are too big.

Mother May I = Deb said...

Saddle shoes woo hoo I remember those from private school!

Tiger Lamb Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiger Lamb Girl said...

I love the heels you wore to work --- very pretty!

I need to get some snow boots. I've always wanted a pair...and now that we're living in UK, I can just about justify having a pair:).

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