Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Can You Hear Him?

This is a post that sort of combines a lot of previous thankfuls.

I am, again, thankful for unanswered prayers.

I am, again, thankful for my friends and for their prayers and good wishes.

I am thankful that I got out of my own way.

I have been applying for jobs. I thought I knew what job(s) I wanted. No, I knew that I knew what job(s) I wanted. I always know.

God always knows better - and then he laughs.

There is a particular job that I used to laugh at - you know, the one where, in the back of your mind, you think, "Well, I can always go to work at (insert huge company name here) as a greeter" chuckle, chuckle, snort, snort.

I finally got to the point where I applied for EVERY job I could find in this town, including that one.

I have a written job offer, contingent upon my passing the background check and drug screen, for that job - you know, the last resort job.

It pays almost $2 an hour more than the job that I just knew I wanted.

I can hear God laughing.


Beckie said...

That is funny - life is so ironic some times.

Tera said...

God knows what you need. He might be laughing with you, but I'm sure He's smiling, knowing His plan for your life. May it open lots of new doors for you. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I love that serious dose of irony. Leave it to the Big Guy.

Kim said...

Congratulations! God has a great sense of humor. Doesn't he!?

Kim said...

Congratulations! God has a great sense of humor. Doesn't he!?

lisa marie said...

Oh yeah, He has a warped sense of humor. Every single time I have looked down my nose at someone or something, you know secretly, inside, it wasn't long until I found myself in that position! I sure learned my lesson!

Fingers crossed!

Alison said...

Yes, God definitely has a sense of humor..isn't it wonderful when we can recognize that and laugh with Him?

tiger lamb girl said...

Funny how I always fall into the trap of thinking I know best. Then God hits me upside the head with something way better than I could have fathomed for myself;). (My TT post is up now;) might have a chuckle reading about my own struggle with this very topic, lol).

kacey said...

though unanswered prayers are sometimes the best things that happen to us, aren't they?

Megnificent said...

Good for you! And if you get that job, you're most certainly going to get sick of seeing me as I pass through those doors almost hourly. :/

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Yea, He always gets the last laugh with me too!

Imagine His laugh when I decided what I was giving up when He knew what would be coming my way!

What an awesome list of "thankfuls".

Pamela said...

what is so great is the humor and grace with which you seem to accept the 90 degree turns.

We need to have lunch. :)

Pamela said...

ps. here or Texas. either way

Sayre said...

God has a terrific sense of humor! I mean... how else can you explain sex? For something as fun, good-feeling, and fulfilling - it sure looks ridiculous.

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