Friday, February 15, 2008

Lookie What I Got!

I went to the Post Office today and lo and behold! A package. I love getting packages in the mail. There is just something about it.

This was a book from Robin that I won in a random drawing conducted after Pensieve's Snackalicious Super Dishes.

I love these cookbooks; the Junior League, Women's Club, Chamber of Commerce fundraisers. They are always full of the best of the ladies' recipes.

So, thank you, Robin, for SSD and for this prize.


ChrisB said...

It's lovely getting a package in the post. So you will be trying out some new recipes to show us !!

Swampy said...

OK, when will we see and photo-by-photo post of what you've prepared from your prize? Congrats by the way.
Loved your sonnet. I must practice my iambic pentameter.

lisa marie said...

Getting mail is so much fun!

Kim said...

Ooh, the packaging wouldn't have lasted long enough to take a photo if it were me. What a woman of patience.

kitten said...

That is great!

Julie said...

I love getting mail. I love sending mail too! I have a bookmark that Tiggerlane won on my site and she hasn't sent me her snail mail address. Silly girl! I need to do my February giveaway really soon. :)

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