Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pensieve's Poetic License - Sonnets

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This month, our assignment was an English Sonnet for something we love.

I have traveled to the Hudson Valley
And ridden with my friends.
I have sat with the O’Malley
To discuss political trends.
I have nestled in the arms of God
Safe and warm and hidden.
I have strolled through Yale, across the quad
With thoughts and dreams unbidden.
I have sailed on seas and through the stars
On pirate ships and dragon’s wings.
I’ve had tea with czars and shopped bazaars
In Rangoon and Persia and Beijing.
My refuge has always been a book
Whether fiction or prose or even cook.

and, in the kind of irony that I adore, at the Post Office today was the cook book that I won from Robin! I love God's sense of humor. Thanks, Robin, and I will post about it later.


Karmyn R said...

I didn't have it figured out until I got to the line about pirate ships and dragon wings....then I knew what you were talking about.

Great job, Sandy! I like it.

Robinella said...

Great job on the sonnet. I had forgotten about this and now it just seems like too much work. :-)

Jana said...

Great poem! I love books, too.

Junebug said...

Wow that is excellent. That is a great poem. And what a good thing to love.

Robin said...

OOooo, Sandy, you got me! I was thinking dreams, not books! Nice hook at the end (leaving me with a smile).

And, yes, PERFECT timing for the cookbook to have arrived. I actually have a few more things yet to mail out (tomorrow?), so I'm glad yours was one of the things that made it the first round of mailings.

Thanks for joining in; you actually seem to be enjoying this, which makes it all the more fun for me!!

crickl's nest said...

That was lovely!

prunella farquar said...

That was great. At the end I was thinking Robin Cook...but was it Robin's Cookbook? There's some kind of irony there!

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