Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday 022108

This week I am thankful that I am currently unemployed. I was able, without using any sick time, to stay home with my grandson while he was home sick from school.

I am thankful that he is a good sick child. He does not whine. He takes his medicine. He lays around and does not ask for anything.

I am thankful that there is always at least one dog with him at all times to serve as a lovey or, in a pinch, as a Kle*nex.

I am thankful that he and I have the same sick sense of humor - that when I was laughing because I was sitting on the "commode"; blowing, coughing, spitting, peeing, blowing, coughing, spitting, peeing and got quite a little routine going, he laughed with me. From the other room, of course.

I am thankful that Kle*nex, and all of it's friends, are so much nicer, softer, plusher, lotionier than when I was a child.

I am thankful that he is back at school today and I can now wallow in my misery and not have to be the sweet, comforting, loving grandma.


nikki said...

Take care of yourself and feel better. And please, feel free to enter the Elvis Contest using the new Min Rule! Just create your own Elvis!

ChrisB said...

All good things to be thankful for in the circumstances. Hope you begin to feel better soon.

Jen said...

I hope you feel better soon. :\

Anonymous said...

Don't wallow. That's too sad. Just think of all the reading you get to do on blogs. I hope you have a great day.

And, I took your trivia quiz, but didn't know I was being timed. I think that cost me points.

Alison said...

wonderful post Sandy..much better than copying mine!!!

I am glad he is feeling better and that you enjoyed your time together, even if both of you were sick!!!

Sayre said...

Oh, you are such a good granny. I am afraid I'm not so good in that department. But I'm a heck of a mom!

wolfbaby said...

I knew there'd be perks for when i got laid off and have found like you this is a perk;)

Tera said...

How funny about the kleenex...hope youa re feeling better soon too!

Pamela said...

I'm thankful that I don't have that bug.

TJ said...

I laughed thru this entire entry! Thanks for the grins.
Love the slippers..wooly and warm
Great entry.

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