Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Theme Song?

A couple of days ago, ChrisB presented me with the "Rocking Grandmas" award, which she and Pamela designed. I have seldom been so delighted. Lisa, at Lisa's Chaos, was another recipient. In my comment to her, I mentioned that "we will, we will rock you".

I do not have official approval from the other Rocking Grandmas but I'm thinking this could be an awesome official theme song.


swampy said...

From one Rockin' Grandma to Another...You have my official approval !

ChrisB said...

Absolutely~ I like Freddie and Queen :)

Karmyn R said...

The award made me giggle - and now with the "official song" I'm snorting. (just because my mom is driving the hog)

Shorty said...

you always rock me baby doll!!!!!!!

Pamela said...

snorts from me...!!!!

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