Sunday, February 3, 2008

Robin's Bacon Tomato Cups

Last month, as part of her Snackalicious Super Dishes, Robin posted her recipe for Bacon Tomato Cups.

Last night, Shorty and I went to a potluck non-Superbowl party at some friends' house. Lil man and I spent yesterday afternoon making 4 dozen of the Bacon Tomato Cups.

Here is what is left this morning.

These are terrific! I must confess that I have never seeded a tomato before, prior to dicing it. It is yucky and gross and the perfect task for an 8 year old little boy. He also had great fun shredding the cheese (our store did not have preshredded swiss).

I can HIGHLY recommend this recipe. Thanks, Robin.


kitten said...

I want a bite! I'm being a little lazy today. I odered subway (the real big one!) made rotel dip and BBQ smokies. But I will have to try this!
You have just been tagged!

lisa marie said...

Hey maybe I can get my son to help me make some, they look good!

Robin (the pensieve one) said...

You're smarter than me...I never thought to have a child help me with 'em.

I'm in the middle of cooking a HUGE Super Bowl spread myself right now...Just online to find the recipes ;).

SO GLAD YOU MADE AND LIKED THESE!! I'm not making them today only because I just did the other week.

Love those crumbs on the plate...that makes me smile, Sandy :).

laurie said...

will you mail me those last two, sandy?

it's the only way i'll ever get around to trying them. i am just not a cook. but i love looking at pictures of fancy food and imagining what it would taste like...

Debs said...

I want to make these so bad...they look so yummy. I LOVE your plate. :)

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