Saturday, January 8, 2011

South is a matter of degree

I am sure when these geese found the aquatic center, they thought they were far enough south. After all, they're in Texas, right?

Next week, when our predicited highs are in the single digits, I wonder where they'll be.


Sayre said...

Probably joining the rest of the flock behind our School of Engineering.

Panhandle Texas is NOT south. I don't care what the coordinates are. Amarillo is on the same line as Oklahoma City - and it got really freakin' cold there!

Crown Princess said...

The pan handle is South....of a lot of things, it is also North of a lot of things

Karmyn R said...

Well, considering there are geese that winter over in my neighborhood (Mid Oregon - that is way more North than Texas), then Texas is quite South enough.

I figure the geese that stay here must fly all the way to the Arctic for summer.

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