Monday, January 3, 2011

Fun Monday - Winter Wonderland

Our hostess this week is Ari and this is what she wrote:

Theme for Jan. 3: I live in a climate with a long, cold winters. Over the years, I've built up a supply of clothing and items to keep warm and dry. I think of them as my arsenal for winter combat. What's in your winter weather arsenal? Or, if you don't have tough winters where you live, tell us about something you own that you wouldn't want to be without.

When my husband moved us to Texas 20 years ago, the only thing I knew about Texas was that it was hot. Right? Well, sort of. The part of Texas where I live, the Panhandle, has snow and wind and ice storms and wind and thunder snow and wind and freezing fog and heat. We are very blessed.

I have coats and mufflers and snow boots and de-icer and all of that stuff. My very favorite? Right this week, when the temperature as I left work yesterday was -1 degree?

The remote start on my pickup truck. Thank you, Chevrolet, and whoever specced my truck. I really think it is nicer than the heated seats, although those are my grandson's favorite.

I know there are more essential things but all I do is work and sleep. I get off work, drive home, go to bed, sleep, get up, get dressed, drive to work and walk inside. I am probably exposed to the elements for a total of 10 minutes.

I am also thankful for fenced yards and dogs that do not need to be walked.

Now, hop on over to Ari's and see who else is playing.


Sayre said...

When I lived in OK, I wished for a remote starter for my car so it would be warmed up and ready to go rather than me having to run out there, start it, STAY in it to make sure it didn't conk out and freeze my toukas off until the engine warmed enough for the heat to kick in!!!

Molly said...

You mention heated seats. I forgot that heated seats plus our heated garage is definitely part of our winter arsenal. We accidentally discovered heated car seats when buying a second-hand car that included this luxury.

Pamela said...

awwww HeATED seats. yes. our 4 wheel has that too. Love it. But we don't have remote starter. That is pretty cushy there girl. ha ha.

(My word verification: baretall)

Jill said...

Those are definitely nice features, which we don't have!

ari_1965 said...

Ooh, a remote starter. I want to get one of those installed. Back when I was gainfully employed, I worked with a woman who, five minutes before the end of the afternoon manager's meeting, would point her clicker out the window of the conference room and start her car. It was warm and toasty a few minutes later when she left for the day. It also just was a nice moment of wand-like wizardry.

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Faye said...

I think a lot of people have the mistaken impression that TX is only hot. Love your tongue in cheek expressions of gratitude for getting to experience such weather variety!

Totally agree with you about having one little luxury whether it be a remote car warmer upper or, in my case, unlimited Netflix. Sure you can live w/o but it's nice to live with. Am halfway recalling that you work a night shift? If so, your starter is especially lovely.

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