Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Luxury? Necessity?

I was reading a blog by my brother about how things of necessity have become projects of leisure. I started wondering if there is, in fact, anything in the world that was created strictly for pleasure and did not have it's roots in necessity. I couldn't think of anything so I threw it out to my facebook friends for their input.

Thank goodness my friends are better educated or better thinkers than I am.

From my friend, Francie - the phonograph. I cannot imagine life without music and to think that all of our wonderful portable music players began with the phonograph, in itself an offshoot of the telephone and telegraph. Thank you, Mr. Eidson.

From my friend, Pamela - the cigarette rolling machine. This was certainly a luxury and a timesaver for those folks tired of rolling their own.

From my friend, Denise - chocolate. I love chocolate. I did a little, very little, research and, while chocolate was used in religious and social rituals, it was not really a necessity. Thus, it does qualify as a luxury even though I tend to think of it as a necessity.

So, thanks for the input, friends and I look forward to reading more luxuries in the comment section.


bichonpawz said...

I still think chocolate should be classified as a necessity...at least for me it is!!

Pamela said...

I agree. Chocolate can be necessary at any given moment. ha ha

Funny -- I just came up with my idea kind of randomly. I'm so sure there are many inventions out there purely for fun. Maybe a snowboard? Skate board??

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