Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Explanation

My daughter asked me today where my Fun Monday post was for this week. The topic was 'songs that make you get out of your chair and dance'. I don't dance but I do get out of my chair - for the Star Spangled Banner.

Intending to participate, I started looking on YouTube for a clip to embed. I went through 17 clips before I finally found one that did not, at some point, make me want to scream at the person singing. I refuse to call some of these folks artists. I finally found a clip that sounded the way I think our National Anthem should sound.

It was sung by the combined choirs of our National Forces - Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, and Coast Guard. It was beautiful. As it was being sung, the camera panned over the crowd, all those folks standing with their hats off and their hands over their hearts or lifted in salute. The camera then panned over the sports personages waiting to play. Not one of them showed any sign of respect for the moment.

I tried again. 6 clips later, I admitted defeat. I was unable to find a single clip that did not make me want to throttle someone. So, instead of posting on Fun Monday, I spent my time writing letters to teams.


Sayre said...

That's really sad. I hope those teams you wrote to listen!

Pamela said...

oh my! we are from a different era , yes?
Sign my name, too!

~sWaMpY~ said...

What a shame ! It chaps me when the "singer" adds all the oohs and aahs to our National Anthem. I say, "Sing it Like it Was Written !" Don't add any notes !
And don't get me started on how people act while it's being played or sung ! When we go to any event and people aren't respectful, I can NOT contain myself . . . I throw looks that can kill to the adults and I open my mouth and tell the kids to "straighten up and pay attention."
Thanks for taking the time to write the letters ~

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