Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun Monday - Finishing School

Our hostess for this week is Ari.

Topic for 1/10/11: From the mundane to the emotional, from paneling the basement walls to patching it up with the brother in Virginia you haven't spoken to since you voted for Carter and he didn't, unfinished business is something left undone or incomplete. It even can haunt you. What's your unfinished business?

Where to start? There are unfinished craft projects, unfinished scrapbooks, unfinished needlework projects, unfinished home improvement projects, family relationships that I would like to think are not finished, and the list goes on.

What would I really like to finish? What do I stand an actual chance of finishing? Ah yes, college.

I did not finish college. I got married, had a baby, my husband died and I have worked ever since. I have taken courses related to my job(s) and I have done well. I just have never gone to college.

At this stage in my life, I do not necessarily want or need a degree. I just want to learn! I love school, I love books, I love learning. Now that this is in writing, maybe it's time to get off my keister and actually register for a class or two.


bichonpawz said...

Hey Sandy...there are zillions of things I haven't finished!! I'm sorry to hear about your husband...I didn't know about that.

Perhaps one day you will decide you are ready to go back to class!

Happy Monday!!

Sandy said...

Jeanne-to clear up any misunderstandings, my first husband died in a traffic accident when I was 20. I have been married to my current husband for 25 years.

Crown Princess said...

Now I know why I don't like school. Since we only have one brain, you got the like school part.

Jill said...

I say, go for it. My grandmother finished high school when she was 80. You can do college, easy! You can probably even get scholarships!

Sayre said...

I started community college before I got married. When we moved away, that was the end of my schooling. Since I'm looking at making a change of some sort in about 4 years, going back to school is a definite possibility!

Molly said...

My mother said to me when I started college, "You are so lucky, I wish that I could have gone to college." I responded, "Why don't you go now?" She started taking classes when I was a freshman while working full-time at first. Eventually, she earned both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in English. So yes, sign-up for a class or two; I think that you will have a good time.

Faye said...

Oh I hear you--there's something just wonderful about signing up for classes that YOU want to take just for the joy of learning. Not having to worry about whether it applies to a degree requirement. Before I retired I worked off a certificate program in my area of work. Less daunting than going for a degree.

ari_1965 said...

I have two large Rubbermaid bins full of craft supplies. You know, I'd get excited about something new, buy the stuff, and then forget about it. Or the craft proved to be too fiddly or sticky or I found something esle I wanted to. I really need to donate that stuff.

What a very pretty blog page you have.

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The Church Lady said...

If learning is your fortay, I say learn away! You will definitely feel a sense of accomplishment and enjoy it at the same time.

Pamela said...

Me2. I want to finish college. someday. ha ha.

So often during my many years in the office, I came across people with diplomas in hand and nothing in head.

Those people got jobs that paid more because it was assumed that because they had the ability to stick to 4 years (or more) of study that they had what it takes to handle certain job requirements.

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