Friday, August 24, 2007

Sherbet Glasses

My mom and I had a falling out about 22 years ago. She is 90 years old now and I have reconciled myself to the fact that we will most likely not make it up before she dies. I am not whining and this is not going to turn in to a 'poor little me' blog. I was just providing some background.

When my dad died, Mom sold the house they had lived in for the 59 years after they built it, packed up a ton of stuff, sold some stuff, donated some stuff and moved to a different state near my oldest sister. When she sold the house, she asked my daughter if there was anything she wanted. My daughter couldn't think of anything, although she later regretted not asking for the "button box". My mom, having lived through the Depression and WWII, never threw out a shirt or dress without first carefully cutting off the buttons, salvaging the less worn pieces for a quilt top, revamping the clothing for one of us kids, or relegating it to the "rag bag." These buttons were kept in her sewing chest in an old cigar box. Anytime a button was needed for a new dress or shirt or to repair an old one, the button box was checked for one that matched. Since all my dad's shirts came from J.C. Penney, the odds were always good that one would match. If not, I have seen my mom take 8 buttons from the button box and replace all the buttons on a shirt rather than go buy 1 new one. When we were little, we could spend hours sorting the buttons and putting matching ones on the large safety pins. There were some beautiful buttons, also; buttons from prom dresses and formals. We would play with the buttons for hours and then my sister's children and my children did also. My daughter did not ask for the button box. I have since built one for her - a gathering of plain, ordinary buttons and a few specialty buttons.

My mother also had a set of these sherbet glasses when I was a little girl. We only got to use them on special occasions and holidays. Mom served pudding - back when you still had to cook it - or jello in them.

I recently made pudding for my grandson and my daughter and I got to talking about the green glasses. My daughter spent a lot of time at my mom's when she was growing up and she got to use them all the time!

I got to thinking about them and decided that they were probably one of the things that I would like most to have had from my parents' house. Since they bring such wonderful childhood memories to me and also to my daughter, I decided to try and find some. I did.

They will arrive next week. I will make pudding and serve it to my husband, child, and grandchild in them. I will leave them to my daughter who will leave them to her son who has already said that he will leave them to his children.

I may not be able to inherit my childhood, but I can buy it! I know that sounds flippant or snide but I truly do not feel that way. These glasses remind me of my childhood home, they remind my daughter of her grandparents' home and hopefully, they will remind my grandson of the same thing.


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