Sunday, August 19, 2007

Playing hooky

I know that I am late posting but it has been one of those weeks - some sort of time-sucking vortex exists in my universe. Oh wait, it's my own disorganization!

Anyway, I played hooky on Tuesday afternoon. I had some paperwork to get to the attorney and the blood bank called seeking a donation and lil man needed new boots for school and we needed a copy of his ss card and I just felt like it. I told my boss I needed the afternoon off to tend to business, picked up Julie and lil man and off we went to the big town.

First stop, the ss office. At noon-thirty, we were 17th in line and, as far as I could tell, the only folks who didn't need a translator. We decided to wait till the 3rd Thusday of the month when they come to our town.

Second stop, the attorney's office. I went to the address listed in the phone book - downtown, old town. I parked and we walked. We walked right up to the locked, vacant building.

We walked back to the car, called the attorney's office and got their new location - right next door to their old location! Drove around the block, parked, went upstairs and delivered our paperwork. Lil man loved the elevators.

Then, we went to the blood bank. Actually, this was not as easy as it sounds, either. Our blood bank recently moved into new quarters. I thought I knew where they were. I was wrong. I was not lost, however, since, as my grandson pointed out, you can only be lost if you care where you're going. We got where we were going and the blood got donated - this has got to be one of the greatest experiences ever. I will actually post about this later.

Then we went to Pei Wei's,, for lunch. This was the MOST fun! Julie and I both ordered salads and lil man ordered lo mein. When we paid, they gave him "chopstick helpers" which, of course, his mom and I played with. Now, we can both use chopsticks (sort of) but, my gosh, this was easy! It's like training wheels. We cajoled the lil creep into asking for more so that we could play, too.

My baby and her baby - both now proficient with the chopsticks! We played pick up the paper, pick up the carrot shred, share the chicken, share the cucumber slices, and just generally had a terrific time. The manager of the restaurant, whose name I did not get, was everything that a manager should be. It was great.

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