Thursday, August 30, 2007

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Tuesday morning was horrible and Tuesday afternoon was no gem, either.

It actually all started Monday evening when a tooth fell out of my denture. Now, I learned a long time ago that you can reaffix a false tooth with fingernail acrylic. It tastes like crap and is probably poison, but you CAN do it.

So, Tuesday morning, my daughter dropped her son off on her way to school so I could drop him off at school. I was gluing in my tooth which, trust me, is a source of amazement to a 7 year old although he was upset that the tooth fairy did not bring me any money.

We got ready to leave and I could not find my office keys. I searched high, low, and in the dog's crate because Buddy is a thief. No keys. I finally gave up and we left.

On our way to the school, I stopped at the bank to put my check and my husband's in the night depository. Evidently, I did not get the deposit envelope exactly horizontal and it became wedged in the machinery and ripped in half.

I delivered lil man to school, called my boss and told him that I would be late and waited for the bank to open. They did - at least the drive-up portion - so I called and, bless Robin's heart, she only laughed a little. She said she thought they could just tape it together but she would find out and let me know.

I drove to the office, which is in an old sugar processing plant that is in the process of being demolished. In the driveway, I saw a LARGE rattlesnake. I drove over the snake, injuring it, backed up and called my boss to come and kill it. I waited there to keep an eye on it. That was my mistake. The two yard dogs, Bug and Sadie, love me. They came running to my car.

saw the snake and went to investigate. The snake struck at Sadie and Sadie jumped back.

Bug, ever the protector, grabbed the snake by the middle in her mouth and flung it. As she was flinging it, the snake bit her on the side of her jaw.

Both dogs went to the vet. Sadie had barely been struck, although the snake did draw blood just above her right eye. Bug,

my poor Bug, was badly bitten. The fang marks turned black, her face swelled and she went into tremors. Luckily, I had had Bug vaccinated with snake vaccine earlier this year. Her vet, knowing that she lived out here, had recommended it.

It saved her life.

So, PLEASE, if you live in an area with snakes, get your dogs vaccinated. It works!

UPDATE: The keys were in my purse, the tooth stayed glued in and the taste no longer makes me nauseous, the bank could, in fact, tape the check together, and the dogs are both back at home and doing better. New pics tomorrow.

UPDATE: These pictures are of Bug shortly after she was bitten.

and these are two days later.

The wound is still draining, which is why her chest looks so awful.

She spent most of the day just chillin' under the table next to my computer


wolfbaby said...

aww poor babies lucky to have a smart momma like you!!! glad they are better that you could tape the check together and that you found your keys.. hopefully this weekend will be much better

Myanderings said...

Thanks, wolfbaby. You have a terrific holiday weekend, too.

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Poor bug!! I'm glad she is okay now;).

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier;).

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