Thursday, August 30, 2007

Alexander Graham Dog

On August 18, 2007 Alex turned 4.

On August 28, 2007 Alex died.

Alex was not sick - oh, ok, so he had some skeletal and muscular problems - but he was not currently sick. Alex, my granddog, died because my daughter is a strong, dutiful, and courageous mother.

A while back, my grandson leaned on Alex and Alex snapped at him. He did not break the skin and Julie chastised him severely. She also talked to lil man about not leaning on "Pup-pup" because he hurt.

Last week, Alex was playing with one of his favorite things in the world - the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels. Juls was in the kitchen and the dogs and the lil man were in the living room. Lil man went to take the cardboard tube from Alex and Alex bit him. He bit the little guy's finger, both sides, and broke the skin.

My daugher and I both have dogs. We have had dogs for a LONG time. Any one in our family should be able to take anything they want from any of the dogs at any time. This is a given. A dog who bites will be given 1 chance - a dog who bites twice will bite a 3rd or 4th or 5th time. Julie and I both know all this but this was Alex.

Alex was the most exceptional dog I have ever known - and I am Duck's mom. You would have to know Duck to know what an exception I am making. Julie got Alex when he was a baby and when her baby went to live with his dad. She took 6 months off work to train this pup and poured every bit of love she had into him. He knew basic commands, complicated commands, and how to read her mind. He knew her strengths and her weaknesses and her secrets. He loved her as much as she loved him - and that's saying a lot.

She loves her son more. That is why she is brave and strong and courageous and I am so in awe of her.

Alex went easily, for which I am grateful, to God and our wonderful vet and his clinicians.

Alex is buried in what is as close to a family plot as your can find, for which I am grateful to good friends.

He will be missed. He will be remembered. He is loved.

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