Friday, June 8, 2007

I am heartsick today.

My old neighbors have 2 horses, Freckles, about whom I have written previously, and Stick.

Stick is an old brown horse. He is not flashy. He is not pushy. He has no particularly endearing qualities. He is, to paraphrase a vet I know, just a good old utility horse. He was, in his day, a hell of a roping horse.

Stick is 31 years old and dying. He is not dying gracefully nor with dignity. He is dying in 90 degree weather in a pasture. He is gaunt. He is unsteady on his legs. His coat is dull - what there is left of it. He is being attacked, with hooves and teeth, periodically by Freckles.

I had not seen Stick since we moved. I saw him last night when we went back to the old place to load some stuff. I cried. I cried most of the night and decided today to do something to help this poor animal.

I am not on good terms with Stick's owner. I asked my daughter, who works for the Sheriff's Dept., who I ought to call. She suggested the SPCA.

I tried. I learned that we have no local chapter of the SPCA. I called the local animal control officer and learned that they only work within the city limits. The Police Dept, who dispatches for animal control, suggested the Sheriff's Dept. The Sheriff's Dept., when I called, suggested the Police Dept. I explained that I had already spoken with them and I did finally get to speak to a deputy. I explained the situation to the deputy. He called me back and said that he had spoken to the property owners where the horse is and that the horse is old and sick and that the vet said there was nothing left to be done.

I told the deputy that I already knew all of that and that the horse needed to be assisted in dying. I told him that if I owned a firearm I would go and put a bullet through the horse's head myself. He said that he was sorry and suggested that I call the local Humane Society.

I did. I learned that our local Humane Society neither rescues nor houses rescued animals but that they will gladly accept donations to put their literature into our classrooms - you know, the literature about being kind to animals and taking care of them.

I no longer know what to do. I know there should be something else - I just don't know what it is.

I am heartsick.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to be crying all day. Why are there so many 'helpful' organizations that can't help you when you need it, but are more than willing to accept your help in the form of donations?
That horse deserves his rest.

Myanderings said...

min - thanks so much for your comment. When I get a final outcome, I will write more.

Mama Drama Jenny said...

I'm so sorry. Terrible to see an animal suffer like that. Have you considered calling an animal hospital to see if they could give you some advice that you could anonymously pass on to the owners?

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