Monday, June 25, 2007

Cat Flap (deja vu)

I am a daily reader of and I truly love these ladies. I have shared several of their blogs with my daughter.

Julie and I attended a bridal shower Saturday. It was lovely, the gifts were delightful (some were truly heartfelt and wonderful) and a good time was had by all. The best time, of course, was had by those of us who hung around when it was over, kicked our shoes off, opened the wine and just hung out.

Our hostess recently moved into a new house which is just gorgeous. She had previously lived in a double-wide just across the pasture from where I now live. When she lived there, she had a lot of pets - it's just an "out in the sticks" kind of thing. She and her mom got to talking about the terrible, horrible week when she kept running over things - her dog, her mom's dog, her other dog.

Then she started telling about when she was trimming the matted fur off of her long haired cat and accidentally cut a 6 inch hole in him! Julie and I both started laughing - yes, I know we are sick and demented - looked at each other and said "Cat flap."

Thanks, Jenny.......

1 comment:

Mama Drama Jenny said... stupidity lives on in distant lands I've never seen. This is my little slice of immortality.

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