Sunday, June 1, 2014

Writers Write

Writers Write, Aspiring Writers Aspire

While I was in the midst of organizing some things the other day, I came across a book that I had made of some old blog posts that I compiled.  Looking through it reminded me that I like to write.  I like to share my thoughts and memories and rants and raves.  I decided that, come June 1, which not-so-coincidentally was the first day at my new job in a new town, I would start writing again.  I would just do it for me.

Then the internet issues refused to be resolved.  I have had wireless internet for a few years with very few problems.  A couple of months ago, however, my internet just refuses to connect with my computer.  It was very frustrating but, since I could use the internet at work, not as much of a problem as it could have been. 

I am still too new at my new job, what with still being in training and all, to really ask about using their internet for my personal use.  Today, I used the free wifi at the library to do some personal business and had to reconfigure my computer to make it work.  I thought perhaps the problem had been solved and my wireless would work this evening at home.

I was wrong.

So, I am writing this as a word document and will save it until I can get to the library again.  I am also pre-dating this for the first so that I shall not start out this endeavor as an underachiever!

1 comment:

Sayre said...

I dislike connection problems! Is it the modem? The router? The actual wires? The computer? And if so, what about the modem/router/wires/computer is having a problem? I find these kinds of problems very frustrating. I hope you have some resolution soon - maybe when you move into your new place, with a new "system", things will resolve.

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