Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fun Monday 4/28/2014

This week, we were asked to write a bit about ourselves for any newbies who might be out there and to post a "selfie" of us with our tongues out.


I am, to paraphrase a Martina McBride song, "Della's daughter, my father's favorite youngest daughter,  and, by birth and marriage, related to a LOT of people."

I love my family, my country, my job, my dogs, the state I live in, and God.

I enjoy reading, Weight Watchers (or the results thereof), sleeping, my job, my dogs, my family and people of integrity.

Here's the picture and this was not my choice.  Having said that, please remember that the ability to roll one's tongue is hereditary, so thanks, Mom!


Sayre said...

I can roll mine too! I didn't in the picture I posted, but I can do it. In fact, I amused myself by going back and forth between rolled and just stuck out for a while. I guess I amuse easily...

The results of WW are definitely showing - even in this picture! Keep up the good work!

Karmyn R said...

Yes...you are looking quite slim!

Jill said...

yeah for you! I can roll mine, too. My dad used to be able to, but he bit is tongue roller skating as a kid and when it got stitched/healed he could not longer do it!

ChrisB said...

haha don't have that talent myself ...come to think of it i don't really have any talents up my sleeve!

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