Wednesday, June 25, 2014


These pictures (courtesy of Rain Scroggins) are of the Canadian River in Canadian, TX the last week of June, 2014.  These pictures are of a tragedy unseen.

Last week, 2 people went horseback riding together on one horse.  They evidently went down to see the river, which was at flood stage.  To date, the riderless horse was found.  The family dog made it's way home.  Funeral arrangements for the 7 year old are pending.  Multiple agencies, on foot, on horseback, in boats, on all terrain vehicles, and in the air are still searching for the second rider.

Hope is dimming for her safe rescue and we are all now praying for her recovery so that her family can have closure - a word I normally dislike intensely.

Water is a powerful thing and, all too often, underestimated.  Back in the early 80s, when I was still working in the desert, we had several flash floods which carried vehicles off the highway.  While the vehicles were recovered miles away, some of the occupants of said vehicles never were.

Listen to your weather forecasters.  Read your local newspapers.  Listen to your local radio stations.  Listen to your gut.  Be careful, be safe, be well.

PS:  If you want to leave comments, they would be appreciated.  If you want to comment on any of the people involved in this heartbreaking event, do it elsewhere.  I will not tolerate hurtful or hateful or just plain useless speculation.


Sayre said...

Water - especially LOTS of water is nothing to be trifled with. A few years ago, we had a flash flood. A couple drove into what they thought was a puddle and quickly got swept away. The car (a beetle) actually went into a drainage ditch and got wedged inside. One person got out and was found because someone almost stepped on her fingers reaching up through a grate. The other person was not so lucky. If EVER you see water covering a road, don't drive through it. You never know even if there's a road or a big hole under it! Fingers sticking out of a grate will haunt me forever.

Crown Princess said...

We have an ad campaign around here "turn around, don't drown"

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