Monday, June 2, 2014



I accepted a new job.  I am having, by virtue of that acceptance and the fact that there is NO available housing in the town to which I am moving, to accept the kindness of strangers.

I met Nancy when I interviewed for my new job.  She is one of the supervisors at my new job.  She very kindly offered to let me stay with her while I was house-hunting.  Since it is a 308 mile round trip from my current house to my new job, I gratefully accepted.

I do not like living with other people.

There, I said it.

Having said it, I am nothing but grateful for her kindness.  She has made me welcome, given me space (both figuratively and literally) and we are getting to know each other.  I am still looking, every day, for a place to rent.  It is beyond nice, though, to not have to spend my money and time on a long commute.

I just have always been better at giving - anything - than at receiving.

1 comment:

Sayre said...

I don't care for being a guest in someone's home for longer than a day or two. Please God that a new living arrangement presents itself soon! In the meantime, I think it's kind of cool that one of the supervisors at your new job offered this!

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