Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My house is a very fine house

Three years and a couple of months ago, we moved our house. Three years and a couple of months ago, my husband and I were both very busy with work and grandkids and work and sleeping and all that other crap. Our house became the house you did not want to live next to.

Over the past two weeks, with the help of our friend Chris and his boss Ted, miracles have been accomplished. The pipe fence in the back yard has been welded and plans are in place to fix the front, also. The toilet was hooked up to the septic. The skirting (we used fence panels and it looks just terrific) has been affixed to the house and plans are in place to repaint. Next up? The roof.

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am. I can now go home and flush the toilet after three years and a couple of months of using a chemical toilet. It was effective, it was sanitary, it was a semi-permanent solution to what was supposed to be a temporary situation.

Two of my four dogs were unfamiliar with the swirling, swooshing, fascinating rush of water into a toilet bowl. They still run to the bathroom to watch in awe as the bowl refills. I am also in awe.

Thanks, hon.


Sayre said...

It feels wonderful when those nagging house problems get put to rest!!! So happy for you!

Crown Princess said...

Wow, those are some hefty changes, glad to hear they are getting done. What else is in y'alls bag of tricks for the ol' homestead?

Pamela said...

I remember having our toilet problems when out drain field went out.

It was so wonderful to see the toilet running again.

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