Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When last I wrote regarding the move, it was last Tuesday and the move was scheduled for Friday. It did not happen Friday. It did happen yesterday!

We crossed one state highway and 4 sets of railroad tracks.

Then we (that would be the royal we- thank you, Jason) made 3 right turns, including one into a driveway and then he BACKED IT into the yard!

I opened the door cautiously - after everyone left - and not one thing moved or fell or was broken! God loves me and I love Him!

Thanks to everyone involved especially Jason (Moose), Wade, Clay (Ed) and Jason (Bubbles) and a huge thanks to Jacky and Johnnie.


Mama Drama Jenny said...

Dude. Next time I move I'm totally doing it that way. Way easier than having to pack everything. I'll just tape everything to the wall.

Myanderings said...

Jenny - I seriously just zip-tied the cupboards closed! I did take the stuff off the wall,

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