Tuesday, May 1, 2007


In an earlier blog, I mentioned 'in-progress' scrapbooks and working overtime.

I sent my daughter, this afternoon, to the local huge friggin' store that sells everything.

Sunday, I had left, on the digital camera intake machine, 179 photos to be developed. The machine did not print me a receipt. I asked the photo clerk and she assured me that I did not need a receipt, that that particular machine had not printed receipts in months and that all I had to do was come in and ask for my pictures by name (I should have named the pictures, dang it all).

Anyway, long story short, they do not have my pictures. They do not know where my pictures are. They do not know who I spoke to. They do not have any suggestions other than starting from the beginning.

I get off at 11:00 tonight. The store closes at 11:00 tonight.

The very helpful photo manager suggested that I come in during my workday tomorrow and she would see that I got my pictures for 1/2 price.

I downloaded the pictures into this very computer, ordered them online and will have them delivered to my house.

I do not know where I will be shopping for the foreseeable future but I think it's gonna be at least a couple of days before I go back to "the W---M--t".

1 comment:

Rhiannon said...

but where will you find another Quarter Pony?????

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