Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It is Tuesday. I love Tuesdays because I have class on Monday, teach class on Wednesday and work late on Thursday and Friday. I work late on Tuesday, too, but I am not quite so worn out. The pace of this day has been sort of laid back and, I don't know, serene almost.

I have 3 scrapbooking projects in the works, 2 new books to read, a new CD to listen to and weather that is just almost perfect. It is mid-70s, a little humid but not too much and the ever-present Panhandle wind is NOT present. What a gift this day is.

I really have nothing to say today. This is more or less an exercise in consistency. I have a tendency to start things (ergo the 3 'in progress' scrapbook projects) and then lose enthusiasm. So I have decided to look at this as an obligation. Not quite an Ignation Review, but close.

So, having discussed the weather and my lack of motivation, I will just say have a great day and know that you are loved.

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