Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bakery vs. Donut Shop

The bakery would have been about where the white station wagon is parked on the left.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away was a lovely bakery called Christiansen's Danish Bakery. Every Sunday that my brother and I could, we would stop at the bakery on our way home from Church and buy either a bear claw or a butterhorn.

The bakery where my uncle worked.

During this same period of time, my Uncle Jay was a baker for the Lady Baltimore Bakery in San Rafael. He would occasionally bestow upon us what seemed like tons of danish. I know now that they were undoubtedly out-of-date baked goods but who really cared? I didn't. Heck, I didn't even know.

NOT a bear claw

Recently, I was at our local donut shop. I saw bear claws on the menu and, flashback, was delighted. I ordered one and the clerk asked what kind of fruit filling I would like. Fruit filling? in a bear claw? I was not sure what they were selling but I was positive that it was NOT a bear claw. Thus began the search.

After several weeks and numerous internet searches and phone calls, I located this wonderful bakery only 57 miles from my house. Their online menu said they had bear claws. I emailed, asking what filling they used. The lovely Miss Phyllis answered me, not only with the correct almond paste answer, but from where she had travelled for her daughter's wedding! Now, that's dedication. I went, I bought, I ate. I returned, they were out, I mourned. I returned, they were out, I mourned. I ordered, I returned, I took home and now I eat one every day. I have not yet become tired of these lovely flaky, buttery, moist, decadent pastries. When I do, I will only have one a week instead of one a day.


My husband can also vouch for their breakfasts, their coconut pie, their pear bread pudding, etc. I had not realized how much I missed an honest-to-goodness bakery. Thanks, Village Bakery!

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Sayre said...

There aren't many real bakeries left. Most are now in grocery stores and churn out some pretty generic stuff.

When I was growing up, there was a lovely place called Heidi's Bakery where you could get danish, pastry, and cakes. I happened to be in that little shopping center last week and realized that Heidi's was gone. Not moved. Gone. So sad.

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