Thursday, July 8, 2010

wedding pictures

Shorty and Sandy

Our matron of honor, Kim, Juls, Kris, Shorty and me.

As many of you know, Shorty and I have two anniversaries. Not long ago, I posted the pictures from our June wedding. Today, I found (OK, the puppy brought to me) the two Polaroids from our first. The quality of the pictures can be directly attributed to the fact that they are Polaroids, they are 25 years old, and they were removed from a puppy's mouth. Happy belated anniversary, hon!


Pamela said...

how did the puppy get hold of the Polaroids? ha ha

bermudabluez said...

Ok....I can't remember why you have two anniversaries...enlighten me!

Isn't it cool that we can take all our old Polaroid shots and scan them in to keep forever digitally?? I love it!

Sandy said...

Bermudabluez - our wedding was scheduled for 4 hours after my husband retired from the Navy. We went to Vegas and got married a month before then so the kids and I would have benefits. You can see the other pic here:

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