Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dog Days?

About once a year Holly decides to see if she is the queen of the hill yet. She is 8 and Duck is 12 and 1/2. This year we had the Monday night fights. Everyone had been fed and watered and been outside and was back inside. The girls were in our bedroom and, with absolutely no outward provocation, Holly went after Duck.Duck does not take kindly to this. She never does. They are both strong dogs. They are both stubborn dogs. They are both dogs who are normally very well-behaved and who listen to me. They did not even hear me. They fought from our room through the hallway and into the kitchen. Shorty and I got them separated, one dog to each person. I took Duck and slung her back into the bedroom. I let go of her and my hand came away covered with blood. It was not hers. It was Holly's.
Duck, once again, reigns supreme. She is stiff and sore today and took her children's Motrin off a teaspoon just like a good little girl. Holly is still tense, pacing and circling and not quite in her own mind yet. None of the wounds needed stitches so we are counting ourselves lucky.

Until next year...


Crown Princess said...

Oh Lord love a Duck!!

~sWaMpY~ said...

Duck. Duck. !
Two of our Boxers tangled just after the third one appeared, but they've decided they can both be Alpha Females.

And, yes, is the answer to your question at my place. He is a native Texan...and the contest is up and running.

Pamela said...

dog fights scare the patootie outta me.

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