Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Monday - Shoes Redux

Mariposa, bless her heart, is resurrecting Fun Monday. Her topic this week is shoes. I went back to the files and found this entry from when Pensieve (great minds think alike) had the same idea. Since I am at work and have on ugly work shoes, I present my previous effort.

I have no pictures of my baby shoes. I can tell you that I spent the first 8 years of school in the lovely white oxfords that went with the also lovely maroon and grey plaid uniform. Ah yes, nothing quite like the smell of wet wool in the wintertime. I will say, though, that the clamp on roller skates worked really well with these shoes.

Then I progressed to these beautiful navy and white saddle shoes to go with the navy plaid uniform for the next 4 years. I also progressed from the smelly wool sweater to the lovely polyester blazer with crest and padded shoulders. Wow.

I got married right out of high school - who really needed that 4 year scholarship, right? Anyway, shoe of choice back in the day was this beauty. Oh so practical for a young wife and mother pushing a baby stroller, don't you know.

I was widowed and had to go to work. My first job was at a police department as a Community Service Officer. These are the heels that I wore to work then.

There followed a succession of poor choices - in men and in shoes. Here are some of the shoes:

I now wear snow boots in the winter and sneaks the rest of the year. I do have one drop-dead gorgeous pair of red heels that I wear on special occasions. But my favorite pair of shoes now are these:


Faye said...

Oh, your shoes through the years brings back memories, Sandy. I had some of the same ones you had. Today's shoes are so much better, don't you think.

BTW, I notice on your profile that you're an Outlander fan. Me too! This month I've read five of the series, non-stop. Love Nephew Ian and little son of a French pickpocket Germain.

bermudabluez said...

I, too, remember many of those shoes that you have posted!!! We must be the same age!

Mariposa said...

Oh...I love how you presented your shoes. I should make a diary of my life base on my shoes! It would be cool... ;)

Thanks for playing...have a great week!

Sayre said...

I wear Teva's now too... I just missed saddle shoes. Those were the ones that people who needed corrective footwear wore by the time I was because the braces attached to them so well (kind of like those roller skates!).

Pamela said...

egads... I killed my feet with those spike heels in the office job.

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