Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun Monday - Brand Names

Today, our hostess is Mariposa. She wants to know about brand names that make our life easier.

25 years ago, I got married.

25 years ago, I bought my husband a brand new Harley Davidson FLHTC as a wedding gift.

24 years ago, while on his way home to be there for my cancer surgery, he totalled the bike.

24 years ago, with the insurance money, I bought him a used Harley Davidson FLHTC.

5 years ago, I used his bike as collateral on a personal loan. It is worth almost twice as much now as when I bought it.

Last month, we got the bike out of the shop and my husband is bound for Sturgis this week.

Sometimes, brand names are worth the extra money.

Motorcycle in 1986 - $5400
Price of repairs in 2010 - $1100
Husband's happiness - priceless


joangee said...

Wonderful take on the topic. Thanks for sharing!
I agree, happiness is priceless.

Mariposa said...

LOVE how you presented it! ;) IT Guy would love to have one but I am too scared with bikes!

I took the liberty of linking you up since I was late. Thanks for playing.

Sayre said...

What a great post! I hope he has a great time in Sturgis. I've got a friend who goes to that gathering regularly - in fact, he may be going there this year too!

bermudabluez said...

I hope he has an absolute BLAST! We were there last year...about a week AFTER the Sturgis Rally! We loved the area, but no way would I want to be there DURING the craziness! The employees of most of the places hate it!!

Pamela said...

sad beginning, happy ending.

Faye said...

Good woman! Excellent post with such an original slant. Something tells me this bike is almost like a family member!

~sWaMpY~ said...

I could have sworn I posted here.
Love Harley ! The bike's not bad either.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Bud and I were in Sturgis once when the bikers came in,'s an awe inspiring sight.

karisma said...

DROOLS....I love Harley's my man however is a Triumph kinda boy, hence the two holed up in our garage! Sigh, have to say I do love the America, its very yummy!

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