Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Traditions-Old Memories

One of my favorite stores is Texas Threads. Texas Threads is where I appease my yearning for all things Vera Bradley. They are everywhere - down the street, in my mailbox, and on facebook.

Last week, Texas Threads announced, on facebook, the arrival of a new-to-them line of jewelry,Chamilia. It's a lot like Pandora but a little easier on the pocketbook. In honor of their launch, they had a little contest. Go online, find the charm that speaks most to you, and let them know about it.

I found a charm called "Endless Love". Endless Love was the song played at our wedding, 25 years ago next month. Our wedding anniversary is actually this coming Sunday but we had our actual wedding in June, on the day of my husband's retirement from the Navy.

I won!

I went into the store today to shop and to redeem my gift certificate. I got the bracelet, silver of course for 25 years and my first bauble. Endless Love is on order (thank you, ladies) but I fell in love with this Murano charm. When first we met, my husband the sailor was stationed in the middle of the desert. It just seems appropriate.

Footnote: my daughter, who was with me, says that it looks like the blowing wind and Hereford feedyard dust. She could be right!


Gattina said...

You lucky girl, I never won something ! and it's really beautiful !

Sayre said...

That's lovely! I'm so happy to see charm bracelets coming back.

janet said...

LOVE the new bloggy design!!!

Congrats- it's GORGEOUS! I can really see why the babule spoke to you- it's a perfect rendition of sailor and desert!

Can't wait to see the Endless Love one!

Happy Anniversary! You should do a post about the May date but June wedding. Inquiring minds want to know! lol

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