Sunday, May 16, 2010

Does This Mean I'm Married 49 Years?

Last week, I made mention of the fact that my husband and I had two anniversaries every year, one in May and one in June. I was subsequently asked to explain, please. No problem.

My husband and I had a whirlwind courtship. Although we had known each other for somewhere around 4 years, we started dating in March of 1985. Shorty was retiring from the Navy in June. I still maintain that I was his midlife crisis.

Anyway, he proposed. I accepted and we started to make plans. There was a little tension involved. Shorty and most of his buds rode Harleys. I worked for the Sheriff's Dept. I don't know to this day which group was more surprised when our engagement was announced.

The retirement ceremony was set for 10:00 a.m. on the 28th of June. Our wedding was scheduled for 2:00 p.m. of the same day and the party was scheduled? to last for 2 or 3 days. We had chosen as our venue an old, old hotel just over the county line so that if deputies were required, they would not be from the department where I worked.

Somewhere around the beginning of May, it occurred to someone that, as a mother with 2 young children, marrying someone 4 hours after he retired from the military was not exactly practical. If we wanted benefits for me and the kids, the ceremony would have to be before his retirement and early enough that the paperwork could be completed.

Hence, the two anniversaries. Shorty, our matron of honor, Kimberly, the girls and I went to Las Vegas on May 16. Shorty and I were married and all was well.

On the 28th of June, he was retired and then we had a wedding ceremony at the Little Lake Hotel with the Rev. Mr. Black presiding. I tend to celebrate the May anniversary and Shorty prefers the June date.

So, from me to him, Happy Anniversary, baby. I love you.


Sayre said...

I love that you had the party across the county line so your co-workers wouldn't be the ones to bust up the rowdy party!!!!

congratulations on ALL your anniversaries!

Richard said...

How about a larger Picture

Swampy said...

Happy 49th Anniversary...I almost felt like I was reading, "Who's on First."
Thanks for stopping by today...I'm hoping to find a little more time to blog visit in the next few weeks...after the jet lag subsides, even though it's not my jet that's lagging...

Pamela said...

well... hello? Two presents.

janet said...

What a sweet, sweet history of two dates! I think you are one fine midlife crisis!!! lol :)

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