Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun Monday/and the award goes to.....

Our hostess this week is the intrepid Sayre. In honor of the award season, she would like to know our opinions in the following categories.

BEST GROUP (Some movies come out with several parts or sequels. Most everyone's got at least one set of something on their shelves - why that one?)

The kicker? This is limited to those movies that we actually own. Here goes:

Best Picture - for years and years and years, it's been The Man from Snowy River.
Best Actor - Stanley Tucci in Julie and Julia.
Best Actress - Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl.
Best Supporting Actor - Al Pacino in The Godfather.
Best Supporting Actress - Margaret Hamilton in The Wizard of Oz.
Best Animated Picture - A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Best Score - The Banger Sisters with thanks to Jim Morrison.
Best Group - The Godfather Saga

My explanations? Drop me an email and I'll lend you my copies. Have fun visiting everyone else and thanks, Sayre, for such a great topic.


Sayre said...

I have never seen "Man from Snowy River"! Obviously that is an omission I need to remedy! I haven't seen "Julia and Julia" yet either, but I LOVE Stanley Tucci! Ever seen "Big Night"?

Thanks for playing!

Janis said...

Seen them all...liked them all..good pics. We just watched Julie n Julia a few weeks ago...loved it. Thanks for sharing Sandy and Happy FM

Pamela said...

My movie watching has really been under the radar the past few years.

I only have a few favorites - and of course they are chick flicks.

Lil Mouse said...

I haven't seen most of your movies. I'll take your word for it though!

The Church Lady said...

I want to see Julie and Julia very badly, but don't think my hubby would like it. Isn't it more of a chick flick?

Faye said...

Agree with your award for Stanley Tucci--he was perfect as Julia's husband. I haven't seen your other favs. Must stop watching the same films over and over. . .

Anonymous said...
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Debs said...

I have to agree with you on the Animated picture. NOTHING can beat Charlie Brown Christmas. I should have put that down! lol

Mariposa said...

LOVE Al Pacino too! :)

香水 said...
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