Monday, February 22, 2010

and then...part two

So, I turned in my resignation on a Thursday and scheduled my mandatory psych eval for Friday morning. Plans being what they are, I woke up Friday morning to a snowstorm and hazardous roads. Discretion being the better part of valor, I rescheduled for Tuesday at 8:00 am since that was my late day and I didn't have to be at work till 10.

Tuesday rolled around and I was at the appointed place 30 minutes before my 8:00 appointment. The office manager showed up at 8:20 and we went inside. I did the preparatory paperwork and then the 120 question background questionnaire (fill in the little circle completely) followed by the 567 question computer psych questions.

I turned everything in and the nice lady said they would be in touch as soon as they had the results so that I could schedule an appointment to interview with the doctor. Everything was copacetic as I left and....I was only 15 minutes late for work. Did I mention that all of this happiness was an hour's drive from home? Yeah.

So - - - fast forward to all of us waiting on the results to see if I am crazy. Mind you, my daughter passed this test twice so the pressure was definitely on. I HAD to pass. Also, my hiring process was stalled. No physical and no drug test till the psych results were in.

Nothing on Wednesday or Thursday, which was fine. I really didn't expect anything that soon. Nothing on Friday, then the weekend, then the holiday, then Mardi Gras, then Ash Wednesday, then my LAST DAY OF WORK and still nothing.

Thank goodness that for my sanity, the phone rang Thursday afternoon and the nice lady wanted to schedule an appointment. She asked when my next day off was and I told her that I was no longer employed. She delighted in this and suggested the following Thursday.

I requested something a little sooner, as I was now unemployed for all intents and purposes. She spoke with the doctor and he agreed to see me Friday evening at 5:30.

So, at 5:00 I was there. At 5:30, I went in. At 5:45, I got to see the doctor. At 6:40, it was confirmed.


and then...


Sayre said...

Certified Sane. This is good news! What would you have done if you were not? Gone back to Wal-Mart?

Sandy said...

I probably would, Sayre. I have nothing bad to say about working for my previous place of employment (except that we are not supposed to mention them in blogs, etc.)

They hired me when I desperately needed a job and provided me with opportunities that I had not even dreamed of. I was truly sorry to leave them but the new job was just too good.

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